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Wheat-Free Pumpkin Dog BiscuitsNov 23, 2011

Disclaimer: Before we go any further, please take note that these are dog biscuits, not people biscuits. No harm will befall you if ingested, but I guarantee that your dog will enjoy them more that you will.

I'm a terrible parent. In fact, it makes me wonder sometimes what will happen when we have human children running around the house rather than the four-legged variety. So here it is: I forgot my dog's birthday. The real date is October 25th, and Lily reached a regal 13 years of age this year on that late Tuesday in October. But here we are one month later, and I have provided no gifts, no birthday cake, only a belated couple of pats on the head and maybe a few more toy tosses.

Of course, the truth is, she hasn't noticed. And she has no idea (nor sympathy) for the guilt that I feel. She's just worried about where her next meal is coming from, which is exactly the sentiment that helped me land on her birthday present.

This Thanksgiving, we're off to my parents' house which now goes by the code name "Disneyland" because the term "Grandma and Grandpa's house" now makes Lily so excited, she leaves puddles on the floor. And since we will be partaking of our own pumpkin-flavored treats, I thought it only fitting that the dog have her own. So I tracked down this wonderful recipe (and cute post) at Simmer Till Done for wheat-free pumpkin dog biscuits that are easy to make and also easy on an aging canine's tummy. This should serve to assuage my guilt, at least until I forget next year. For the recipe, read on.


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